A Guide to Airsoft Guns


Training for target shooting can be very expensive and quite fast for people who want to go into it as a hobby, a sport, or for defensive intention.  First there is the range time that you need to pay for, but what really kills you is the ammo.  These days prices of ammos are beginning to drop, but it still hurt because you need to pay for the number of rounds that you have accumulated in the range.

Today, most enthusiasts are using airsoft guns in addition to their live and dry fire training.  This might sound laughable because for one, our experience with airsoft guns were those soft plastic toy guns that little kids play with.

What is fascinating about airsoft guns today is that they have become very sophisticated that they look like an exact replica of every real firearm on the market today.  Their functions are also exactly like how the real ones work.  It simulates recoil when you fire it.  And although it uses plastic BBs pellets and travel at speeds much lower than real bullets, it is still a bit painful when you get hit by it.

As was stated earlier, you can mistake an airsoft gun for the real thing because they look exactly alike.  Some manufacturers even use real mold of the original in order to create the look, feel and even weight of their real-steel counterpart.

Source of this information indicated that police departments and even the military are using these airsoft guns as part of their firearm training.  Many students are also being encouraged by their top gun instructors to include airsoft training aside from live fire and dry fire training.

Now, going back to where we started, training with real bullets can get very expensive and really fast, but shooting plastic BBs while training with carbon copy weapon is a hell lot cheaper.  You can even fire it anywhere – in your garden, garage or even inside you room.  This means no more range time payments in improving your gun manipulation. Go here for related information.

Just to brief you, there are three types of airsoft guns.  First is the spring action type and true to its name, you cock the spring first, and then fire.  Cock spring, fire, cock, fire etc. due to its relatively cheap price-range, this is usually the gun of choice for the person just starting to play airsoft.

Another type of airsoft gun is the gas powered gun.  For people who are intermediate in the field of airsoft guns, this type is ideal.  There are many different kinds of gas-powered guns.  When it comes to popularity, the GBB’s or Gas-Blowback are the most popular.

Among the most popular and the most expensive guns out of the three is the automatic electric gun or AEG.  Its power comes from a battery. Find more info at our site.


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